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What is Rick Simpson Oil?

What is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a cannabis concentrate that was developed by Canadian wellness advocate Rick Simpson. The process of extracting this highly concentrated cannabis oil is similar to making wax or any other concentrate; however, while some RSO can be dabbed or vaped, it is usually ingested orally or applied topically.

Why Should I Try RSO?

Many people who use RSO are those who are looking for significant pain relief, or who are hoping to keep high levels of beneficial cannabinoids in their bloodstream. Those living with cancer, insomnia, HIV/AIDS, neurological conditions or any sort of chronic pain may benefit from RSO.

RSO is a great option for those who don’t want to inhale smoke or vapor, as well as those who have difficulty using traditional edibles due to allergies, dietary restrictions or illness.

RSO is an excellent sleep aid and remedy for insomnia. Experienced cannabis users with a high tolerance may also use RSO for daytime pain relief.

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How Do I Use RSO?

Once you’ve calculated your optimal dose using the resources found later in this post, you can dispense the correct amount of oil into a gelatin or vegetarian capsule. Some people add coconut oil to the capsule, as the fat helps your body feel the effects of THC faster and for a longer duration.

If you don’t have capsules, you can rub the RSO on your gums or under your tongue where it will absorb rapidly through the mucous membranes. Since this can leave a very strong lingering taste of cannabis that won’t wash away with water, many people prefer to add it to food instead.

Since the cannabinoids in RSO are already activated and don’t require decarboxylation to become usable by the human body, RSO is ready to add to recipes for do-it-yourself brownies, gummies and lollipops. Making your own edibles can help you save money, as one syringe of RSO can contain levels of beneficial cannabinoids equivalent to eight packages of gummies.

If you don’t have skin allergies or sensitivities to cannabis, Rick Simpson Oil can be used topically to manage pain, inflammation and certain skin conditions. You can use it on its own or melt it into a skin-friendly carrier oil like shea butter or castor oil. After application, we recommend covering the affected area with a bandage or wrap as THC can be toxic to children and pets.

How to Select an RSO

RSOs is a whole-plant extract that contains a full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids, thereby bringing greater relief than products that contain only isolated THC or CBD.

Do you prefer an RSO with more THC or more CBD? While both will offer similar analgesic and sleep aid effects, different ratios will have different effects.

If you’re looking to keep a specific level of THC in your system for medical benefits pr pain relief, you may prefer an RSO with more THC content. RSOs with high THC content may produce a wobbly, loose feeling in the body and serve as a mood elevator.

If you’re for consistent pain relief, you may prefer RSOs with more CBD. 1:1 products, which contain equal ratios of THC to CBD, are very popular, though many other ratios exist. Thanks to the high levels of cannabis-derived CBD, these products often produce a heavy, relaxed, comfortable feeling in the body. Many people report relief from chronic pain, body aches, menstrual cramps or other ailments as well as a feeling of well-being and contentment.

How Much RSO Do I Take?

RSO often contains more than 80% pure usable cannabinoids; it’s all killer, no filler. Since it is a highly concentrated product, anyone who is brand new to cannabis should experiment with other products to gauge their reaction to different doses of THC and CBD before making the leap to RSO. Excessive doses may cause sleepiness or nausea, as well as a grogginess or “hangover” the next morning.

All RSO sold in Illinois is labeled with the percentage of THC and CBD. Use our conversion guide below to use the listed THC percentage to calculate the total number of milligrams per syringe.

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Since RSO is so concentrated, even people with high cannabinoid tolerance and extensive experience with cannabis should proceed with caution when trying a new batch or strain. Use the dosage of your favorite edible as a guide to your target RSO dosage.

Lab tests on animals have shown that cannabis can encourage cancer cells to commit suicide, a process known as apoptosis, while protecting healthy tissue. For this reason, patients with cancer may choose to take higher doses of cannabis oil during the treatment period.

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