Employment Referral

Hi! Thanks for your interest in working at MOCA! Here is some info about the jobs available and an application below. Please fill out the application if you are still interested. All sections are optional and you can write as much or little as you think pertains.

Basic Details and requirements
-All staff must undergo fingerprint background check
-Extremely high volume, fast paced environment (not a “chill stoner job”)
-Good attitude, no drama, friendly to customers, hard working, on time, no flakes/jerks(!)
-Ohio St. location Primarily, but Logan Square available too
-Full time and part time
-Will start in first half of June
-Do not apply if uncomfortable working in a retail store during covid (we take all precautions we can but still…)
-Pay starts at $18 per hour for hourly – and up based on position (managers), experience
-Perks include healthcare for managers, product employee discount
-HONEST!!! – Every inch of facility is on camera and monitored by state police
-Able to be flexible- new industry, new store, lots of covid related adjustments
-Able to be very careful working in highly regulated environment with lots of cash and tight inventory control processes
-able to work with computers
-able to get to work transportation-wise
-able to follow instructions and processes

Cannabis knowledge
-Basic familiarity a plus
-Advanced knowledge helpful but definitely not required
-several jobs that don’t require knowledge
-Strong knowledge is great and a desire to obtain it is even great-er

-All the things – if you don’t know, you aren’t it
-Previous Retail or similar GM experience as the “number 1”
-people, product, processes
-Ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the store
-Strong cannabis knowledge
-must be willing to always “take the call”
-competitive pay plus health care benefits

-able to be the lead person in store in a high volume retail environment overseeing a big staff and lots of orders
-prior high level manager experience in retail or similar environment
-strong people skills
-process oriented
-cannabis knowledge
-tight money and inventory controls and willingness to accept responsibility
-Competitive salary plus healthcare benefits

Floor Manager
-Like above but not the ultimate responsibility
-FOH manager and BOH manager positions


-Interface with customers and answer question
-Medium Cannabis knowledge and willingness to learn a lot more
-comfortable with fast pace checkout processes without making mistakes

-greet customers friendly
-manage checkin process
-Queue Management – must be able to direct crowds and keep order
-computer processes
-Computer (email, chat) and Phone assistance


Inventory / Order Fulfillment
-Inventory counting – must be very detail oriented!
-order fulfillment – fast paced, lots of orders
-able to follow processes including computers and physical product pulling
-lots of time on feet

Help desk
-answer emails and calls and live chat about orders
-other administrative tasks
-various updating of websites and other related needs