2 Year Canniversary

February 19, 2018
1:00 PM
This event ends February 25, 2018
at 4:00 PM*
MOCA - Modern Cannabis: 2847 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago IL 60647
MOCA patients can RSVP for a party package including: free drink ticket, game tokens, and food

MOCA’s Canniversary Sale is Feb 19-25!

  • $40 eighths of flower from GTI
    -Brownie Scout
    -Maui Wowie
    -Kosher Kush
    -Durban Poison
    -Pre-98 Bubba Kush
    -Golden Goat
  • $15 Chocolate bars from Nature’s Grace
    -supernova espresso bar
    -orange dark chocolate bar
    -peppermint white chocolate
    -strawberry white chocolate
  • $50 grams of shatter from Ataraxia 
    -Green Crack
    -Bruce Banner
    -Grand Doggy Purps brittle
  • Buy two get one free with Cresco concentrates, oil pens, or gummies 
    -Kosher Tangie live sauce
    -Outer Space live budder
    -OG 18 live budder
    -Sojay Haze live sauce
    -Blueberry live sugar
    -Bio Jesus Budder
    -Cresco Cookies budder
    -Lime Skunk budder
    •Oil pens
    -Katsu Bubba Kush
    -OG 18
    -Lime Skunk
    -Blueberry 1 gram singles, 4 gram packs
    -Outerspace 1 gram singles, 4 gram packs
    -OG 18 1 gram singles, 4 gram packs
    -Katsu Bubba Kush 1 gram singles, 4 gram packs
  • $40 .5 ml oil cartridges from Revolution 
    -Alien Orange Candy
    -Sour Joker
    -Lavender Kush
    -Grand Daddy Purple
    -Ghost Glue
    -Whole Flower Blend
    -Island Sweet Skunk x CWebb
    -Cookies x CWebb
    -Gorilla Glue x CWebb
  • $80 1ml oil cartridges from NGW
    -Jack Herer
    -Northern Lights
    -Chi Blue Dream
    -Super Silver Haze
    -Critical Cure
    -Green Crack*Everyone who comes on 2/22 will receive a special canniversary gift from PTS and GTI

Registered MOCA patients only.
If you need to, Switch to MOCA Now!