Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition

August 25, 2020
9:30 AM
This event ends September 23, 2020
at 9:30 PM
$110 - $430
MOCA - Modern Cannabis: 2847 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago IL 60647
MOCA is the Only Chicago Dispensary Participating in the First-Ever Illinois Cannabis Cup

On August 25th, the High Times Cannabis Cup is coming to Illinois for the first time ever!

Since 1988, the annual event has featured celebrity guests like Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, and Wiz Khalifa selecting the best cannabis products available on the market alongside music, joint-rolling competitions and more.

Breaking with tradition, adults over 21 will have a chance to sit in the judge’s seat this year for the inaugural People’s Choice Edition of the Cannabis Cup. Judges will evaluate cannabis products like flower, edibles, and concentrates from the comfort of their homes, and share their ratings through an online voting system.

MOCA – Modern Cannabis is the only Chicago dispensary where members of the public will have an opportunity to purchase Judges Kits. Each exclusive kit will include a collectable backpack, scorecard, and an assortment of products from Illinois cultivators in a designated category.

Judges Kit pickup at MOCA Logan Square begins 9:30am on Tuesday, August 25th. Prospective judges are encouraged to register online and sign up for MOCA’s email newsletter to receive updates. Due to limited supplies and high levels of anticipation from the state’s savvy cannabis connoisseurs, the kits — which will be sold first-come, first serve via walk-in — are expected to sell out quickly.

The kits will not be available for online ordering, and can’t be added to an online order — you must place a walk-in order in our waiting room at 2369 N Milwaukee Ave. Preregistration for the Cannabis Cup is not required and does not reserve a kit for you, though it will speed the process of checking out in the dispensary.

One kit per customer. Each kit will be taxed at the applicable recreational tax rate in compliance with local law. Check our Quick Tips and FAQ page for more information about buying cannabis from MOCA, or send us a message with any additional questions.

Vape Pens & Cartridges Kit – $425 (tax included)
05. gram each:
Cresco Jet Fuel Gelato Liquid Live Resin Cartridge, Cresco Lemon Bean Liquid Live Resin Cartridge, Verano Reserve Sonny G HTFSE Vape Pen, Revolution Terp Tank Cookie Dos Vape Pen, Revolution Terp Tank Florida Orange Vape Pen, GTI L’Orange Vape Pen, GTI L’Orange Vape Pen, Aeriz Pink Lemonade Sauce Cartridge, Aeriz Lemon Tree Vape Cartridge, Pharmacann Origins Razzmatazz D8 Vape Cartridge

Pre-Roll Kit – $346 (tax included)
Cresco OG 18 Preroll, Cresco Outer Space Preroll, Revolution Raspberry Bellini Rocket, Revolution Rocket Smoothie Rocket, Bedford Grow Chem de Menthe Palm Preroll, Verano G-Purps Swift Lifts, GTI OG Story Big Dog, GTI Jack Herer Big Dog, Aeriz GMO Preroll, Columbia Care Cherry Chem #3 Prerolls, Columbia Care Velvet Glove #1 Prerolls, Ascend Strawberry 17 Preroll, Pharmacann Mr. Clean Puff Hybrid Pre-Rolls

1 gram each:
Cresco Wedding Crasher, Cresco Green Line OG, Bedford Grow Grape Sugar Cookies, GTI Layer Cake, GTI Mandarin Cookies, GTI Jet Fuel, Aeriz Jenny Kush, Aeriz MAC 1, Columbia Card Animal Mints #3, Revolution Gorilla’d Cheese, Revolution Mint Chocolate Chip, Pharmacann Matter Meltdown

Concentrate Kit – $430 (tax included) – LOW STOCK, PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM
05. gram each:
Cresco Lemon Bean Live Budder, IESO Columbian Haze Live Resin, Revolution Gorilla Glue #4 Budder, Revolution Nug Run Blueberry Clementine Live Sace, GTI Purple Punch Live Resin, Aeriz Jenny Kush Live Resin Budder, Bedford Grow Chemdehar Crumble, Cresco Katsu Bubba Kush Live Sauce, Grassroots Blueberry Headband Live Sugar, Grassroots Bubba Diagonal Live Sugar

Edibles – SOLD OUT
Cresco Mindy’s Honey Sweet Melon 1:1 Gummies, Bedford Bhang Grow Toffee Chocolate 10 pack, Revolution Fudgies Rich Chocolatey Bites, Incredibles Snoozzzeberry Gummies

Indica Flower Kit – $286 (tax included) – SOLD OUT
1 gram each:
Cresco Face Mints, Cresco Lime Sorbet, Verano Mag Landrace, Bedford Grow Nikko, GTI Master Kush, GTI Casino Kush, GTI Kosher Kush, Aeriz China Berry, Columbia Care Velvet Glove #4, Revolution Cookie Dos, Revolution Florida Oranga

Sativa Flower Kit – $260 (tax included) – SOLD OUT
1 gram each:
Cresco Rollins, Cresco Red Line Haze, Bedford Grow Waltz Haze, GTI Bruce Banner, GTI Jack Herer, GTI Sour Diesel, Columbia Care Shrieker #1, Revolution Dosido F2, Revolution Turbo Lemon Cake, Ascend Strawberry 17

Judging will take place between Aug. 25 – Sept. 23. The winning products from each category will be announced during a digital awards ceremony that will be livestreamed on the High Times Facebook Page on Sept. 26th at 4:20pm (CT).