Green Friday Sale

November 23, 2018
1:00 PM
This event ends November 25, 2018
at 4:00 PM*
MOCA - Modern Cannabis: 2847 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago IL 60647
MOCA’s Annual Green Friday Sale is Friday 11/23 – Sunday 11/25!

MOCA’s Annual Green Friday Sale is Friday, Nov 23 through Sunday 25!

– $50 grams of G6, Gelato, Phantom Mile, and Purple Punch wax from Ataraxia
– $60 flower bundles with grams of G6, Gelato, Grand Doggy Purps, Sunny D, and Bruce Banner #3 from Ataraxia
– $40 edible flights with a 100mg strawberry gummy sativa multipack (10 pieces), 100mg Sours watermelon sativa (5 pieces), and a 50mg berry cherry granola bite from Ataraxia
– $50 oil cartridges from Ataraxia
– $50 grams of all live resin options from Cresco
– $60 eighths of Critical Purple Kush, Lime Sorbet, and Green Line OG reserve flower from Cresco
-$60 oil cartridges of Reserva Privada, Critical Purple Kush, and Tangerine Kush reserve from Cresco
– $15 packs of Betty’s Eddies fruit chews from GTI
– $50 grams of all live resin options from GTI
– $10 infused coconut oil 100mg (perfect for cooking your Danksgiving meal!) from IGF
– $15 chocolate bars and $45 oil cartridges from NGW
– $40 eighths of 707 Headband, Bruce Banner 1.0, Colombian Gold, Sour Kush, and GG4 from PTS
– $15 THC, CBD, and 1:1 ratio caramels and chocolate chip cookies from SCCS
– $8 packs of Baby J pre-rolled joints (two .5 gram joints) from SCCS
– $30 eighths of 9lb Hammer, Shangri La, Painkiller #1, Pink Lemonade, and Cuvee flower from SCCS