How to Order – Instructions

Step 1:

Ensure you're on the right menu.

River North Location (Recreational only)

Logan Square Location (Default: Medical Menu)

Logan Square Location (Toggled to Recreational Menu)

Step 2:

Create an Account, or Log In

You won’t be able to do anything – including add products to the cart – without logging in first.

River North and Logan Square ordering menus are separate systems. If you made an account for one, you will need to make another account for the other (yes, you can use the same email and password).

online ordering hero image

Step 3:

Browse and add products to your cart. If you have questions and we're open, you can chat with budtenders on the lower right chat widget.

Step 4:

Click the cart icon (top right), verify details, and choose a pickup time. Then select "Place Order"

order checkout screenshot

Step 5:

Visit the MOCA location you ordered from at the time selected. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: Items are not reserved until the checkout process is completed!

If you add items to your cart and are unable to complete the checkout process, it’s likely that another customer purchased those items while you were waiting.

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