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become a cannabis patient

Become a registered cannabis patient NOW!

Contact us today for personalized help through the process from our patient consultants. We’ll provide the forms you need, resources for finding a doctor, and helpful tips for completing the process.



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Why should I do this instead of recreational cannabis?

Less Expensive! High taxes are charged on recreational cannabis, while medical is taxed at a lower rate.
Quick Checkout! Our dedicated entrance means shorter lines, plus a dedicated checkout counter for medical.
Bigger Selection! More supply and products are available to medical patients. As mandated by the state, we must always serve medical patients before recreational.
Larger Limit! Legal possession quantity is higher for medical patients than recreational customers.
Loyalty Program! All medical patients are able to generate points for purchases, which may be used to receive bonuses.
Veteran’s Discount for those who qualify.
Grow! Medical patients will be eligible to grow up to 5 plants (recreational customers are not eligible for home grow).

For more information, check out the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) website here, or simply fill out the form above and MOCA will be happy to walk you through the process. If you are looking for more information on behalf of someone else and are interested in becoming their primary caregiver, you can learn more on our Become a Caregiver page.

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