Police Statement

Cannabis law enforcement has destroyed countless American lives, especially in Black and Brown communities. Following the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality, we have received inquiries about any police affiliations with MOCA. We have one small shareholder who is a retired CPD detective. He joined the team in 2013 to advise on security and does not have an active management role. We have no other police affiliations. Somewhat related, in January we brought a group of consultants to support our zoning presentation to the River North Residents Association. At the suggestion of an Association member, Garry McCarthy was included in the group. He has never had any involvement with our company, or anyone in it, besides attending that one hour meeting in January and will not in the future. It was inappropriate to include him even just once and a regretful lapse in judgment on our part. As a legal cannabis business we must be uniquely sensitive to the deep injustice and pain caused by law enforcement in all of our actions and associations.