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Recreational Cannabis FAQs

General Information

Yes! MOCA is serving adult-use (recreational) cannabis sales for 21+ customers at both of our Chicago locations. Our hours and service updates are posted on our homepage announcementsjoin our email list here for updates

Check our homepage announcements (just under the pictures) for hours and details regarding recreational sales at Logan Square and River North. 

CLICK HERE FOR THE CURRENT MENU :::: Login with a recreational customer account to view selection and pricing. Our medical menu is much larger and is available every day. Get a medical card.

Place a same-day order and schedule a pickup time using our new system. Next-day orders are available after we close for the evening.

Read our quick tips page to learn more about your first visit.

We are now accepting limited walk-ins. Please note that wait times and availability for walk-ins vary due to social distancing measures. 

We’re not offering curbside pickup. Read more about the steps we’re taking to reduce dispensary crowding.

You’ll need to be logged in before you can add items to your card. Click the login link; it’s on the top right on desktop, and in the left-hand menu if you’re using your phone.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to add items to your cart, make a pickup appointment and place your order.

If you’ve never ordered from the location you’re shopping with, you’ll need to click “Create an account” and enter your details.

You will need to create a new account for your first order from River North. Your credentials for Logan Square can’t be used to login; however, you can use the same email address and password for both accounts if you wish.

Recreational customers may ONLY enter through the 2369 N Milwaukee Ave entrance. Medical patients may enter through either the 2847 W Fullerton or 2369 N Milwaukee entrance, but we recommend medical patients enter through the Fullerton entrance for faster service and shorter lines.

map of moca modern cannabis, dispensary, logan square, chicago, illinois, entrances for recreational and medical

Our River North location accepts cash and debit cards. Our Logan Square location is currently cash only. We do not accept credit cards.

If you’d like to withdraw cash, we have ATMs inside both dispensaries. The fee is $3.25 in addition to whatever is charged by your bank.

We recently implemented improvements to our system including appointment-only order pickups to reduce waits and manage flow. If you arrive at the same time as others, feel free to hang across the street, in your vehicle or at another safe distance until you feel comfortable entering.

Due to supply shortages, product selection may be limited for recreational customers. While our recreational selection and product limits have expanded from the first days of legalization, Illinois cultivators are still scaling their operations to meet demand. It will take time for a program that’s less than a year old to catch up to states where recreational cannabis has been legal for years. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone for recreational while maintaining our medical supply. Get a medical card for more purchase options.

We have to cap the number of customers that come through the dispensary each day, especially during the pandemic. Once we’ve accepted the maximum number of orders we can reasonably fulfill, online ordering will be paused. If you’re unable to place an order, just try again later.

MOCA includes tax in all our menu prices. The price you see while placing an order is the price you’ll pay in the dispensary.

We charge the same base prices for medical and recreational products,but recreational products are taxed up to 40%. This results in a significant difference in prices between our medical and recreational menus.

We do our best to make everything as affordable possible, but we are an independent company subject to the wholesale pricing of our suppliers. Get a medical card to save money by paying lower taxes.

We admit one person at a time. Each individual must have their own appointment. Please leave family and friends at home.

IL Residents: 30g Flower // 5g concentrates // 500mg THC for edibles and infused products
Out of State and International: 15g Flower // 2.5g concentrates // 250mg THC for edibles and infused products
Medical Patients: 2.5ounces (70g)

Yes, but the limit is 15g per purchase for out of state residents (vs 30g for Illinois residents). The same is true for international visitors.

Every patient is affected differently by various strains and methods of consumption. Potency also varies from strain to strain and product to product. We recommend all patients start with smaller doses to test their effects and then to adjust with experience.

We have found this dosage calculator to be very helpful in explaining percentages and doing some of the math for you.

No one may consume cannabis at or around the dispensary.

No, recreational cannabis may only be consumed in private residences.

There will not be product discounts for recreational cannabis. We recommend veterans get a medical card to enjoy a 10% discount.

No weapons are allowed inside of MOCA. You will be turned away if you are carrying anything we believe could hurt our staff or other customers/patients (guns, knives, tasers, pepper spray, etc). If you want to ensure you will get inside, please do not bring any weapons with you.

All visitors are required to wear masks or other face coverings, and have access to hand sanitizer and a sink. We encourage all patients in high-risk groups to contact us for help setting up a caregiver to eliminate the need to come into the dispensary entirely. Read more about our response to coronavirus here.

Regulations for home growing only apply to medical patients; it’s not legal for recreational customers to home grow. At this time, growing products like seeds are not yet available to patients in Illinois. If you want to be ready when this changes, become a medical patient.

There is no reason that purchasing recreational cannabis would have ay effect on FOID card eligibility because we do not track any personal information. However, we aren’t in a position to give legal advice on this matter. FOID cards are federally issued and held to federal law, and cannabis is still illegal under federal law. We can sell to anyone 21+ with an ID and we do not track the personal information of those who make recreational purchases.

This is well outside of our control but the short answer is yes it can. State legalization is not federal legalization, and employers who require drug testing may not care about IL state law. You should check with the employer or other entity to make sure you are ok to use cannabis without affecting these areas.

We have Spanish speaking staff available on most days of the week. This site can be translated into many different languages for easier browsing.

Get Your Medical Card

For recreational customers who want medical cannabis, we encourage you to apply for a card today. Below are some frequently asked questions about getting a medical card, and our medical FAQs are available here.

Yes, but you must provide 2 proofs of residency in Illinois. Here is a list from IDPH. An Illinois card will get you access in states that honor reciprocity.

A current medical conditions list is available in our FAQs section here, but we encourage you to come speak with our team in person to discuss your options.

– Cheaper! There will be big taxes charged on recreational cannabis, medical is taxed at a lower rate.
– Faster! We will have a dedicated entrance and checkout counter for medical, which means shorter lines.
– Variety! There will be more products and supply available to medical patients. The state has mandated that we serve medical patients before recreational.
– Online Ordering! Only medical patients will be able to order online initially.
– Veteran’s Discount for those who qualify.
– Loyalty Program! Medical patients can gain points for purchases, making them eligible for bonuses.
– Grow! Medical patients will be eligible to grow up to 5 plants (rec customers are not eligible for home grow).
– Get More! The legal limit of possession is higher for patients than rec.

Want to get your medical card? It’s easier than you think! Come talk with our staff every Monday through Saturday from 1-5pm in our waiting area. More info at