Ordering FAQ

  1. Select the menu you want 
  2. Browse and add products to your cart
  3. Click the cart icon (top right), input your information, and choose a pickup time
  4. Verify pickup location and order total (with estimated taxes included)
  5. Select “Place Order” to complete process – you will not pay online
  6. Visit the MOCA location you ordered from at the time selected. We accept cash and debit cards; promotions and discounts are applied at the counter.

Need more help? View our visual guide to ordering.
Click the chat widget in the lower right hand corner. Our staff is on hand during business hours to troubleshoot ordering, provide product recommendations, and answer questions.
Items on the menu have their prices listed without tax included. On the checkout page, you’ll see an estimate of the total amount you’ll be asked to pay so you can plan your visit. The total (with tax) we provide is an estimate and is subject to change. Different products are taxed by the state at different rates, and final price calculation is done at the point of sale. Medical patients pay lower taxes than recreational customers. In order to make a medical purchase, you will need to present a valid medical cannabis card and designate your dispensary as MOCA Logan Square. Get a card to save on taxes.    

• Online order with prescheduled pickup appointment (if applicable)
• Valid ID showing you are 21+
• Face mask or facial covering
• Payment (cash & debit card accepted at both locations)
• Medical cannabis card (for medical patients only)
• Illinois state ID (for recreational customers hoping to purchase up to their in-state limit)
• No weapons, opened cannabis products or used cannabis accessories

We accept all unexpired identification including passport & matricula. An Illinois ID is only required to purchase up to in-state limits. 

All payment is taken at the final point of sale. We do not accept payment online in compliance with federal law.

We accept cash and debit cards. Debit transactions require a $3.50 transaction fee. We do not accept credit cards.

If you’d like to withdraw cash, we have ATMs inside both dispensaries. The fee is $3.25 in addition to whatever is charged by your bank.

Follow the Cancel your order link at the bottom of your order confirmation email to cancel your order.

To request changes or ask questions about your order, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

To see if it’s possible to add items to a previously-placed order, reach out using the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Cannabis products cannot be added to an order at the time of pickup. Accessories like lighters or papers may be added at checkout.

Recreational customers will be able to order up to their in-state or out-of-state limit. An Illinois ID is required to purchase up to in-state limit.

Medical customers will be able to order up to their total limit. Previous purchases in the past 14 days may reduce this limit. At this time, our online ordering system does not store past purchases, which means you may be allowed to build an order larger than the state will allow you to purchase. Please contact us via chat or the form at the bottom of this page for help calculating your order limit.

IL Residents: 30g Flower // 5g concentrates // 500mg THC for edibles and infused products
Out of State and International: 15g Flower // 2.5g concentrates // 250mg THC for edibles and infused products
Medical Patients: 2.5ounces (70g)

We are working on integrating our medical Loyalty Points into the new ordering system. In the meantime, points are still being stored and accrued. Ask your budtender for more information!

When placing an order to redeem a discount, your online order cart will display full price. You will not be asked to pay until your offer is redeemed and your total is changed in store. 

For instructions on how to redeem an offer, check our Discounts page.

All cannabis products are packaged and sealed at specific weights by the cultivator. 

THCA is the chemical precursor to THC. Many cannabis products, like flower or concentrate, contain high levels of THCA. A small amount of the THCA naturally present in cannabis converts to THC during the curing and drying process.

When you apply heat to the product, usually by smoking, dabbing, or vaping it, the THCA is converted to THC. Since THCA and THC have a different molecular weight, THCA percentage by weight does not exactly match THC percentage by weight. To find the total THC in your product, use this equation. (THCA % Listed on Product) x 0.877 + (THC % Listed on Product) = Total THC % in Product Read more about THC and THCA on our blog.
    Note: River North is recreational only