Switch to MOCA – Modern Cannabis

Patients may now designate their dispensary on the IDPH page, which should occur within a few hours.

Please Note: Only our Logan Square location is medical and recreational, while our River North location is recreational-only.

Medical Cannabis Patients:

  • Log in to your IDPH account here – if it’s your first time using the system, select “Register” below the login form and follow the instructions.
  • Click “Online Services” on the upper right corner
  • Select “Change Dispensary” (you should see your current dispensary displayed under “Activities” then “Start”)
  • Select your new dispensary, hopefully MOCA, from the alphabetical list**
    **If you have provisional access, you’ll need to print another letter that shows the new dispensary

Opioid Alternative Patients (OAPP):

  • Log into your account here – if you have never logged in before, choose the “Patient Registration” button to the right of the login form.
  • Find your current dispensary on the Patient Registration page, under the Patient Information section
  • Click on the arrow in the dropdown box to select MOCA/your new dispensary from the alphabetical list
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save